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Thief III: FlatStory
Fan Mission Campaign
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* Flatstory - Prologue

Vydáno dne 28. 07. 2006 (630 přečtení)

Once evening, I was sitting at home before the fireplace and chewing tomorrow's work, when suddenly someone tapped on the the door. I didn’t expected anyone so I drew my sword.
"Come in!" I said.
Small bald man in strange croceate vesture entered into door with knowing smile on his face.
He wielded some broom in his arm and he had a bag over his shoulder.
"Do I bother you?"
"What can I do for you , Mr... Mr...?"
"Sweeper, Mr. Garrett, just Sweeper."
"Sit down, please."
I showed on the other chair before the fire.
Sweeper leant his broom beside door, panned his bag from shoulders and sat down.
"So what ...?"
"I come from the world, whose existence you probably do not even suspect. It's principles are based on other foundations and axioms, than those you know and it looks pretty unlikely. Carriage of history has tendences to turn aside from ways of historical inevitability in this world from time to time. And that‘s what society, which I am member, feels as undesirable and we try very hard to repair it."

"You you are evidently on bad a address, Mr. Sweeper. I am thief, not historian."
Sweeper tilted more closely to me.
"Those who counteracts law have to occasionally help with its adherence. Mandala undoubtly demand your participation on solving of our problem. But not even Abbot does exactly know why."

Sweeper set eyes on blazes in fireplace again.
"I don't know your Abbot, I don't know what Mandala is and I really don't know how I could be of any help to you."
"How the fire fine warms..." said Sweeper and silenced for a while.

Then with sigh, which implied, that it indeed worried him, said:
"We don't know it either. We only know, in order that events become how they shall become, that namely you are needed, right now and just in Ankh-Morpork."
"Would I have of it some profit?"
Sweeper bented to his sacks and took out some relatively bulky and on look heavy purse.
"I suppose, that gold is very prized metal even in your world."
"Well. Yes." I acceded.
"If you decide to cooperate with us, consider this purse as approximately ten percent advance."
I balanced the purse and evaluated amount „approximately“ as five thousand. Quite good money, to be honest.
Sweeper added, "Of course, nobody will inhibit you from er... gathering other resources along the way."
"When I should prepare for the trip?"

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10.01.2008: Project Revived Again
Well, and from scratch. New platform will be used. FlatStory will be in T3 engine.

25.07.2006: Project Revived